Friday, April 24, 2009

Sweet Dream Pie??

I have something really cute to share with you all today. Every day when Ian gets home from school, he usually has something to show me from school that day. Well, while looking through his "take home" folder, I came across what I at thought was a story that he had written. Upon closer inspection though I realized that it was a list of ingredients. I was very curious as to what these ingredients were for.....Ian quickly filled me in! He had written a recipe out for what he calls "Sweet Dream Pie". I'm not really sure how this would be turned into a pie but it sure was cute to hear him explain it all to me. I wish my scanner was working so that I could show you the actual paper he wrote it all out on. I was really impressed with his spelling and writing on this recipe and I have to brag that he only misspelled one word...secondly. Every single other one, he got right! Here is Ian's "recipe" for his Sweet Dream Pie.....enjoy...I sure did! (I'm going to write this out exactly like it is on his paper :)

Ian's Ingredients for Sweet Dream Pie:

** First, I will add 1000 cups of chocolate covered strawberries.
**Secaly, I will add 9 cups of chocolate spice.
**Next, I will add 15 chocolate covered bananas in it.
**Last, I will add 10 cups of chocolate.

Don't know about you, but that sounds pretty good to me! He is such a creative child and I'm still trying to figure out what chocolate spice is. He asked me if we had any! hahaha

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter....Part 1.....Finally!

Yay!! I finally have my camera back and you know what that means.....more pictures to share with you! So I'm a little late on my Easter post, but better late than never...right? I did take my camera with me to both of our families dinners, but between the good food, crazy kiddos, and great company....I didn't actually take a single picture! I took it out of the bag and just left it there. Shocking, I know, but what can I say...I'm a blonde! haha So here are some pictures of the boys decorating their Easter eggs. They actually got to color eggs twice...once with Nanny Stahl, and once at home with Mom and Dad. They had such a great time coloring with Nanny that day and they really look forward to sharing that experience with her. I'm so glad that they do get to do it too....I think she loves it as much as the boys do! Well, the kids really wanted to do something a little different at home with our eggs this year. So, we made glitter eggs! And boy were they cool too! They had so much fun coloring and glittering our eggs that they were pretty disappointed when we ran out of eggs to do. So....they improvised and talked me into re-coloring the ones that they had already done with their Nanny! I know, we ended up with alot of pink, blue, and "not-sure-what-color-that-is" but they had a great time doing it. Of course, we had to follow that up with more glittering. What a mess we had but what a great time we had doing it! Here are some of the boys busy doing what they do best....making messes! (Finally one that they didn't get in trouble for! LOL)

Trevor was having such a great time coloring with his Nanny!
Hmm....think that one needs to sit a little longer
Yay!! My favorite!
Very carefully writing on his eggs

Nicky thought egg coloring was pretty cool too!
Here we go again.......coloring and re-coloring...what fun!

Ian displaying his eggs at Nan's house....let me tell ya, they made some strange looking deviled eggs for sure! Fanciest ones we've ever had I believe! haha
The eggs that they kids recolored and glittered....oh well...they had a great time with it!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Family Pictures

This past Easter weekend we went and had a new family picture taken.....finally! I've been wanting to do it for a while now and we finally had a perfect opportunity to have it done. A great photographer here in Carthage was doing a "special" on Saturday at the Historic Phelps House. I absolutely HAD to have them done there since it was the place that Donovan and I were married at. It was really pretty neat to be sitting there with our boys at the very place that we exchanged our vows almost 9 years ago. If you would like to see the proofs from that day just go to the following link and you should be able to see them. We got a few good ones and a few with us all doing something different (which, of course, is pretty typical with kiddos). If you are unable to see these for some reason just let me know and I'll email you the invitation! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

One Big Fish

First I have to say I really didn't forget Easter....I forgot my camera at my Grandma's! So, until I can recover those wonderful pictures of all our Easter fun, I thought I'd share Donovan's latest catch with ya'll. A few weeks ago, Donovan and his Dad loaded up and headed to the river to try snagging a Paddlefish (aka Spoonbill around here). After a long drive and lots of time on the river, Donovan caught himself a big one! I have to say that I LOVE's so good....but it is one of the ugliest fish I think that he has brought home! This wasn't our first catch of this type of fish, but it never ceases to amaze me how strange looking they are. The kids were amazed at how big it was. Ian really wanted to hold it but it was longer than he is tall and weighed as much as him too! So, he settled for taking a picture with Dad's big fish...Trevor didn't want anything to do with trying to hold it and was perfectly happy watching from a distance. Well now we have about 30lbs. of filets to eat and need someone to help us eat it all! Fish fry, anyone??

One strange looking least the guy is cute! LOL See is is big enough to ride!! What a goober....:-P
Ian couldn't hold the weight of the fish so he settled for the tail :-)
I have to stick my hand where???
It's hard to tell on here but the tail was touching the ground...that was a big fish!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do You Glow?

Golf, that is! Northpark Mall now has a new indoor mini golf course called Glow Golf....and it's all done in blacklight! It's pretty neat. A few weekends ago, we took the kids and they had a blast. There were "glo stations" set up throughout the place and you had to keep "charging" your ball to keep it glowing. The kids had as much fun dropping their balls in there as they did golfing! They did pretty good too. Trevor still isn't too sure we're showing him the right way to hold a club but he got it in a few times. I tried for a few holes but, I must admit that I am definitely not a golfer. I was way behind half way through and then Nicholas came to my rescue and I gladly relinqueshed my club. Ian got a hole in one on the very last hole and won a free admission and game! We'll definitely be doing that again in the near future. If you get a chance to try it, you should!

This picture just came out looking pretty neat. My camera didn't work just real great in there because of the lighting...or lack there of!
This is Nicholas...He really liked all the glowing stuff!
It's all in the hips.....he's getting pretty good!
Trevor really kept wanting to move his ball around :-)
He played 36 holes that day!! And probably a few extras too...
Trevor's thought he needed to "rake" the ball in :-P
I think I won!!! It was pretty close between Dad and Ian that day

Monday, April 6, 2009

Master of the Beaters

Well I've discovered something else Nicky really, really likes.......licking the beaters! That's right, he really likes to help me clean up after making icing for my cakes. Usually Trevor is my beater licker, now he has competition for one of his favorite pasttimes. I spent this last Saturday making a cake for my wonderful father-in-law's birthday. Trevor was as usual right under my feet the whole time (mainly to sneaks fingerfulls of icing) and Nicholas was content to hang out in his high chair and watch me work. He got pretty excited when I turned the mixer on so Trevor decided to share the beaters with him this time. Boy did he LOVE it! He had more icing on him than he actually got in his mouth but he sure was having a good time with it. Here are a few pictures of my little guy painting himself with the icing leftovers.

Mmmmm...the icing passed the we need cake!!

My very first time making the golf bag cake....not too bad even though the humidity was giving me quite a bit of trouble with the icing.

**For those of you that may have tried calling me this past phone is working now and you should be able to reach me. I didn't realize I was missing calls until this weekend! Hope everyone has a great week!