Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All I Want For Christmas.....

...Is my two front teeth!! Not me, actually, but Ian has joined the ranks of "toothless" just in time for Christmas! About a week ago he comes home from school begging me to pull his tooth that is loose. Now, I'm not really one for yanking out teeth, but I gave it a shot nonetheless. Unfortunately for Ian, I'm also not very good at it! So, we patiently waited for Dad to come home and take over the task. One good yank was all it took and out popped his first front tooth! Now, Ian wasn't exactly thrilled after this one as you can tell from the pictures, but was much happier the next day with a shiny new "golden" dollar from the tooth fairy. As it happens, we're sitting around trying to eat dinner a few days ago and Ian was really having some difficulty with his corn on the cob.....ah hah!! The other tooth was just waiting patiently for a good yank. So, it was Dad to the rescue again!! Another good yank and out popped the other tooth! Ian now likes to go around and sing "All I Want for Christmas is my two front teeth" and it is so funny to hear him!

Trevor didn't want to be left out and wanted a picture of his teeth too!
Not a happy kiddo after that first tooth came out

All it took was 24 hours and a visit from the tooth fairy to cheer him up!
Look at that big ole' toothless grin! He loves seeing what he can fit in the gap now! lol

Friday, November 21, 2008

3 Months and Counting

Nicholas is officially 3 months old today!! I can't believe it! It doesn't seem like that much time has gone by. He weighs in at a hefty 15lbs now and has grown 5inches since his first doctor's visit! He is such a sweet baby...he loves to be held and cuddled, gets a big kick out of his big brothers and their crazy antics, loves to talk and laugh at all of us, and is just the best little guy a proud Mommy could ask for! He is finally starting to sleep for longer stretches at night and I'm already having to make a "too small" storage spot for his clothes. We are so blessed to have 3 healthy, happy, and loving children. Here are some pictures of our wonderful kiddos!

This is usually what happens anytime I try to take a picture of the 3 of them at the same time....Each of them does their own thing :-D

Attempt #2...or was it 10? haha

Trevor loves to be close to Nicholas....all the time in fact!

Nicky gets a big kick out of Ian. They have a great time talking to each other :-)

A very rare sweet moment with Trevor and Nicholas

I had to show one of Nicholas and his biggest brother who holds and kisses him every chance he gets!

This is what I like to call his "Mommy save me" look...Trevor is constantly hugging, kissing, or trying to lay on him.
Just took this one yesterday! He is getting so big now :-(
I love his little toothless grin and double chins! He is such a sweet baby!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time to Catch Up!

I must apologize for my blogging lately...actually the lack of it! So, I'm combining a few things into this one post. Since my last post we've been through Halloween parties, family get-togethers, and a few missing teeth. We had a great Halloween...Ian was a ninja (no surprise there! ahaha), Trevor was supposed to be a "bone guy" but at the last minute he changed his mind and wanted to wear a scary pumpkin mask instead of his original one, and Nicholas was our sweet sleepy little puppy. We went to the Halloween party at school and yay!! we made it through it without any troubles from my very ornery Trevor. Later that week we made a trip to see Mammy & GrandDad to do some more trick-or-treating and we get to see a hot air balloon go right over the top of Mom's house! It was so neat, we could hear it and watched it for a long time. I was hoping it would land across the road so we could take the kids to look at it. Trevor is the one who spotted it and came running to tell us there was a balloon about to crash into Mammy's house! hehe We have also had a few visits from the tooth fairy recently. Last week Ian lost his first front tooth! He looks so cute with his toothless grin. I have taught him the "All I Want for Christmas is my 2 Front teeth" song and he sings it to us....alot! Well, I am going to strive for a post a day for the next few days, so stay tuned for more updates!

One very cute kiddo!

Notice the big ole' hole in the front!! :-)
Trevor loved getting to hang out with the big kids during the Halloween party at school.
Ian and his friend, Ben the Banana :-)
Getting into Ninja mode...
One very scary Pumpkin head.....Trevor did not want me to take his picture and this was the only one I was able to catch of him.
Nicholas wasn't too hip on candy..he was too busy sleeping!
GrandDad taking the kiddos for a ride around the place in the golf cart
Mammy soaking up some Nicholas lovin'.....notice how far off the ground we are! Their new deck is like being in a big treehouse...16ft off the ground! Very cool!
I was able to catch a pic of the hot air balloon as it crossed over the trees...this was right across the road from Mom's.