Thursday, September 18, 2008

I wish for.......

I must admit I've been a bad blogger lately...I blame it on lack of sleep and energy! As I was taking pictures off my camera the other day, I came across these of Ian and Trevor at the hospital. The hospital in Joplin has undergone some new construction and they have this really neat waterfall wall in the admitting area that the kids loved to visit. It was a "wishing" waterfall according to Ian. So, off the went to visit the waterfall..armed with a handful of pennies for all those wonderful wishes to be made! Ian made a wish for everyone he could think of and he really put some thought into each and every one of them too. It was too cute! I'm also including two pics of little Nicholas...he is growing so fast! He is officially 1 month old today and I can't believe how fast the time is going by. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Hmmmm....who should I make a wish for now?
Being a big brother and helping his little brother with his wishes!
Trevor really just wanted to play in the water more than anything:-D
Really thinking hard on this wish!!
Awww, that's what Momma likes to see...her two boys being nice!
What a sweet little face...even if he's on the verge of crying!
Look how big I'm getting!! I can finally wear my new clothes!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

2 Weeks and Counting!

Well, Nicholas is officially 2 weeks old now! I can't believe he's been with us for two weeks! Of course, when your nights and days all blend into one, it's easy to miss the time flying by. I took Nicholas to his first doctor's appointment on Wednesday and he passed with flying colors. He has gained back the weight he lost and has surpassed his birth weight. He weighed in at 7lbs. 13oz and measured in at 21 inches! I guess all that eating he's been doing is doing it's job! haha He is finally starting to fit into his clothes and is starting to get little rolls on his legs and cute!! In the short time that he's been here, I've found out a few facts about little Nicky: he really likes to eat....constantly....about every hour or less at times, he really only likes to sleep in the mornings when Mom can't sleep with him, he LOVES to have his hair washed but hates to have a bath, he doesn't like to have his diaper changed and will protest quite loudly at times over us bugging him with this chore, he snores while sleeping and snorts when he's really hungry (sounds like a little piglet at times..haha) and overall.....he's just the sweetest, most kissable, huggable, loveable baby and we all love him to pieces! Here are a few pictures that I snapped of my little man this week....He is changing so fast!!

Snoozing in the swing
Yay!! I can see an eye!
My little spike-haired blondie
What a sweet little face

Awww, snoozing with Daddy.....:-)