Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our BIG News!!!

Well, I must first apologize that it's been so long since my last post. I really just wanted to post a quick note on here about my most recent doctor's appointment. Yesterday was our big day for news in the baby department! We went for the ultrasound and finally got to see our baby up close and personal! We were able to take Ian with us and he was amazed at what he got to see. It was so cute, all you could hear him say over and over was "cool" and "oh wow"! He even asked me at one point if we got to take the baby out afterwards! haha He's such a great kid and we were very happy to share this experience with him. He was so little the last time around that he doesn't remember any of those moments. So, it was a real treat.
After much anticipation we finally got to see what this baby is! We are having another bouncing, baby......BOY!!! Wow! I'm blown away by the thought of 3 boys! I'm extremely excited and happy though. I would have liked to have a little girl, but boys we're prepared for! Ian was pretty upset at first because he really, really was hoping for a little sister. After calming him down again, I told him that God must have decided that he was such a good big brother to Trevor that he thought he needed another little brother to help take care of. That really cheered him up and now all he can talk about is all the things he is planning on teaching his new brother! My husband, of course, is on cloud 9 now. He kept saying "my 3 sons" on the way home and then he'd let out that happy laugh. We are feeling truly blessed right now. Our baby is perfectly healthy and normal and growing right on cue. We can't wait to see this little guy and make him a part of our lives. God is truly a wonderful being and we thank him everyday for the blessings he has given us.