Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Ian!!!

I know that this is a little late, sorry guys! We got a new computer this week and I've been trying to get all my pictures off of the old one and transferred over to this's been a pain. Well, Ian's birthday was last Friday, February 15th! It's hard to believe that my baby has already turned 6! Where have the years gone?? We had a blast this year! We started out having the family and our friends over to the house for ice cream, cake, and presents. Ian didn't really have any requests as far as his decorations go, he just really wanted a SpaceMan cake. So, I made him one! He had lots of help opening his presents this year because Trevor just really wanted to help rip and tear! lol He was a very happy camper this year. He got everything he asked for right down to the shiny new pair of cowboy boots this his Nanny got him. He is now the proud owner of a guitar and a very noisy set of drums! He has decided that he and Trevor are going to make a band and let me be the first to tell's a very noisy and offbeat band for sure! It's great though, Trevor actually has pretty good rhythm and does a good job on the drums. I'm pretty sure that he will be a drummer one day! Oh, the noise they can make now! Well, Ian's second request for his birthday was a trip to the bowling alley. So, after stuffing ourselves with SpaceMan cake we loaded up and all headed to the bowling alley here in town. We had such a good time and we're really glad that everyone was able to go and enjoy that time with us. Ian and Trevor LOVED bowling!!! Of course, they had to experiment with their ball throwing skills. Do we do the "toss from between the legs" or possibly the "throw it down the ramp"?? Ian decided he like it most having Dad help him toss it down the lane....Trevor settled for the ramp and just wanted to carry all of those heavy balls around. It was cute to watch them. Ian did a good job too! He ended up bowling a 59 and likes to brag that he only lost to his Auntie Alices by 3 points! Guess we'll have to go and perfect his skills soon. Sorry there are so many pictures this time, but I had a lot to choose from!

Dad does a little tuning
Getting a quick lesson
Making great music now!!
Oh Boy!! Drums too!!!!
Oh, so heavy!!
Loves the bowling alley!

Trevor decided the ramp was the best way

This was Ian's favorite way!

1, 2, 3....throw!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tag....I'm it!

Okay, well I've been tagged by Aunt Becky so I need to tell about my current book of choice. As many of friends and family know, I am a HUGE bookworm...always have been, probably always will be. It annoys my husband how I can pick up a book and read it cover to cover in a short amount of time. For me reading is like watching a movie in your head, I can easily get lost in a book and have no problem tuning out everything around me while i'm at it. I love all kinds of books, but mostly stick to mysteries, suspense, and romance. If I can get a romantic mystery....Jackpot! I haven't read much lately besides pregnancy books, and those aren't that thrilling, so I will do this on the last book that I read....Mercy by Julie Garwood, who is one of my very favorite authors!

The instructions are as follows: We are going to see what kinds of books you all have lying close by. Here's what you have to do...

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages.)
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Link back to the person who tagged you.
6. Tag five people.

Page 123...5th sentence:

"He's got a good arm."

Next 3......
He stopped the car at the intersection and turned to her "I came to fish."

After a few seconds Michelle realized the car wasn't moving.

He had obviously stopped to wait for her to give him directions, and there she sat, like a lump, staring at him.

Okay, so there it is and if you get a chance, you really should read this book. It's got suspense, mystery, and good humor in it. It makes me laugh and keeps me guessing all at the same time. Also, check out KillJoy or Heartbreaker by Julie Garwood...all are terrific books! I wish I could say that I'm tagging 5 people, but the only ones that I know on here are already tagged!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Day of Play

We have had some really crazy weather around here lately and after looking at all this ice and snow the last ocuple of days, it's made me think of last weekend when it was soooo nice outside! It's strange how it can be almost 80 degrees one day and the next it's 20! The sun shines, and then it snows. Well, last weekend we had a beautiful weekend and took full advantage of the sunshine and fresh air. Jenifer and Shirley came for a visit and the kids had a blast playing outside together. It's so wonderful to watch our children grow and play together and I'm thankful to have a wonderful friend to share these experiences with. Trevor and Shirley are such great friends and not a day goes by that he doesn't mention "Sherwee". To hear them talk together is hilarious, we might not understand them, but they sure can make sense of each other! lol Now that Shirley is talking it's so cute to hear her talk to "Trebee". Here are a few pictures of the kiddos playing that day!

Ian was in "Jedi" mode

Gotta love that grin of his!

This just makes me laugh....the last remains of their snowman. I promise he wasn't peeing on it...just stabbing it with a stick!

Ahhhh, so sad:-(

Driving Ms. Shirley:-)
She loved getting pushed around by her good friend!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Seems like only yesterday....

It seems like only yesterday that she was that adorable little girl that named me "Jill-Pickle" she's growing up into a beautiful young woman! My neice, Bailey, just celebrated her 15th birthday on January 27th and man, oh man, does it make me feel old! She was just 4 when her Uncle Don and I met those 10 years ago and I'll never forget the day that she finally decided I was ok. I let her brush my extremely long hair that day (probaby like playing with a life-size barbie to her) and unfortunately she picked a round brush for the job. What followed after that was a very sore scalp from the brush that almost had to be cut out! lol It was worth it though, for after that Bailey-Bob was my new friend. We celebrated Bailey's birthday with her and the family and I thought I'd share a few pictures from that night. You said they were coming, Alice, and here they are!

The birthday girl!
Trevor was really wanting some cake!

"I wish for a new car"....
But, I really love my new gun!
Getting a quick lookover with Dad

I think Levi should get pink boots like these for his next rodeo! lol