Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Mother's Prayer

I found this today and thought I'd share it with all those Moms out there...definitely one of this Mom's prayers!

A Mothers Prayer Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Ian...just a little late

I'm a little late with this post but I do have good excuse for my laziness in the blogging world. I've been putting my nursing skills to the test lately while caring for my sick kiddos and hubby. Poor Ian has had a stubborn case of Strep that we might finally have gotten rid of. It only took 2 different antibiotics and about 3 weeks! Now Trevor and Donovan are sick but luckily no sign of strep from them...just wearing me out!
February 15th marked my baby's 7th birthday! That's right...Ian is now officially 7!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. It seems like only yesterday he was my little baby that needed me for everything. Now he's just my big baby that needs me occasionally...but I'll take what I can get! Ian has been such a blessing to our lives and I can't imagine my life without him. I often say to myself and to Donovan "What did we ever do with our lives before we had him?' He makes me smile every day and I'm always wondering what is he going to do or say next! Ian is my little storyteller and boy can he weave some yarn! lol He is a wonderful big brother to Trevor and Nicholas, a delight to his Grandparents, and the light of our lives.
We celebrated Ian's birthday over the course of several days in fact. Friday 13th was his party at school (we just combined birthday with Valentine's), Saturday we all got together at his favorite Mexican restaurant, El Charros, for dinner, and then celebrated with everyone again on Sunday the 15th. Ian wasn't too sure what to think at El Charros. When it's your birthday they all come out and put a big sombrero on your head and sing to you in Spanish (which he got a kick out of) and then they like to try to smash your face into a big whipped cream topped treat. He liked the singing but wasn't sure whether to be mad or not over the whipped cream in his face (they got him pretty good too!). He finally realized it was all in good fun and from then on had a blast with the big hat and attention. Sunday was actually his birthday and we headed to Aunt Alice's for cake and ice cream. Not just any cake either....but a Darth Vader cake! That's all he wanted for me to make him this year...just Darth Vader. So that's what I did and he loved it!
Just to warn you...there are alot of pictures to follow but I had a lot to choose from and many more I could have posted. (I'm really going to have to figure out the slideshow on here sometime)
He really really wanted to take home the sombrero :-)
Mmmmm, you have to lick the candles ya know!
Ian and his Auntie Alices model their hats for us..
yay!! more cool stuff!
Trying to open gifts with his constant little helper, Trevor
Nicholas was just waiting for cake!
Trevor loved the "gooey" egg...he tried to feed it to everyone!
Bailey even had to play with the gooey egg....it looked and felt like a real raw egg...yuk!
One specially made Darth Vader cake for my boy
Oh boy...ripping and tearing presents is great!
He loved the bottoms of his new Spiderman sandals and sneakers
He has since this almost used up all his Martian goo
The highlight of his day....his new Red Rider BB gun! And yes I did tell him not to shoot his eye out too! lol
Trevor was my icing taster while decorating....love those black teeth and purple lips!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A little late

Well, it's a little late but I'm finally getting around to a Valentine's post! We had a great Valentine's Day this year. We started it off with Ian's school party which also kind of doubled for a birthday party for Ian too. His birthday is on the 15th so we took Spiderman cupcakes to his school party and all the kids sang Happy Birthday to him. I loved it! Thankfully Trevor is finally starting to behave at these events....the kindergarten parties were not much fun for anyone. The kids had a blast at the school between the games, Valentines, candy, and food. Then Dad got up on Valentine's morning and surprised us with yummy donuts! The kids LOVE donuts so that was a real treat to them. They were pretty happy kiddos after getting their Valentines from us and we ended up having a great day together!

Trevor showing off his Valentine's Card from Grandma Jan....they LOVE getting mail!
Nicky liked his Valentine's card too!

Trevor loved getting to sit with the "big" kids at the party
Typical Trevor style....eat the icing and leave the cake! lol
Ian and part of his Valentines booty
Where's my candy??
Look!!! A cupcake moustache!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mommy's Littlest Angel

During the last round of "snow days" the boys and I found ourselves looking for things to do to help pass the time. Well, we decided to dress Nicholas in this adorable onesie that he got from my very best friend, Jenifer. I think he looks like a little cherub in it with his chunky arms/legs and little wings. :-) During our little "dress up" session, we decided that we should also be taking pictures of it....so we did....all 3 of us! Here are just a few of the 20+ pictures that we snapped that day....I must admit that my two oldest boys are pretty good picture takers! Of course, they had a really cute subject to photograph too! These are all pictures that Ian and Trevor took of Nicholas that day...our little gift that was "Heaven Sent" to us!

Yep, sent straight from heaven!
I've thought from the first time I saw him that Nicky looks like his Grandpa Steve...he has my Daddy's crooked grin! I have very few pictures of my Dad but the ones I have look alot like this one!

You guys make me laugh! :-P
Ohhhh, I would love to chew and drool on that camera......

I took this one and he does kind of resemble the Michelin Man doesn't he?? lol

Monday, February 2, 2009

Taking a Journey...in 3D!

We had a great time on Friday night...we had our first family movie night! We also have family game night, but that is for another post at another time! :-) We kicked off movie night with something none of us has experienced before....a 3D movie! Okay, well, Donovan has seen one before but the kids and I were new to it! We rented Journey to the Center of the Earth and it was a pretty good movie. It came with 4 sets of 3D glasses and the kids thought we definitely needed pictures of all of us in our "groovy" glasses. lol So, here we are in our movie finery....pjs can be included in "finery" right? haha If you get a chance to rent this movie, do it...it was a great family flick.

Here's Trevor trying to get himself all situated just perfectly for the movie

I think this was Ian's version of "the robot" dance....too bad I didn't catch it on video! :-P
Donovan was determined not to let us catch him in a picture with these glasses on....Ian finally caught him but he hid behind the baby! lol
"ooohhhh, wow"!!! Trevor had this expression on alot during the move...notice how he's looking over his glasses though! silly boy:-)
Ick...not a pretty picture but Ian wanted me to include it since he took it
I think Trevor was copying me here but it sure looks like a miniture Nixon immitation doesn't it?? haha