Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nathan & Gabe we missed you!

Okay, so the Christmas pictures keep coming! Well, these aren't pictures of ripping and tearing, but they are of a couple of cuties that came to visit for the holiday. Nathan & Gabriel came for a visit over Christmas and it was so good to see them again! They are growing so fast! Nathan is the spitting image of his Dad and Gabriel has such a sweet nature. It's always so neat how they just jump in and play with my boys like they've been doing it on a regular basis. The kids all play really well together and seem to have a great time while doing it! Ian was really excited that they stayed the night with us and got a little disappointed that we wouldn't let Nate sleep on the floor by his bed at night! lol He really enjoyed entertaining us all with his Guitar Hero skills and the boys all loved dancing to the music. We were really sad to see them go back home but are looking forward to them moving up here for good! Ian and Trevor ask me on a regular basis if we can go see them. I don't think they understand that Texas is a long way from here! Here's some pictures of their time with us, enjoy!

This was right before the truck races began

What a cutie Gabe is!

Is my hat straight Mom?

Ian shows off his "axe" to Nate

Sleeps like his Daddy...mouth wide open! lol

So happy to see his Daddy again!
Don't those toes look tasty??

Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas...A little late!

Ok, I know, it's been quite a while since my last post. Sorry, everyone, i've been super sick here lately! So, here i'm playing catch up. Just thought I'd share some Christmas pics with everyone. We had this family celebration on Christmas Eve with Donovan's family and what a great time we had! The kids had a blast ripping and tearing through their presents and wasted no time in opening everything and playing with it on the spot. Trevor was having so much fun opening presents that he started going around and picking up everyone else's stuff to open too! What a good little helper he is! haha For some strange reason, who knows why, I did not take out my camera on christmas morning. We got it all on video tape, of course, but my camera stayed hidden away that morning. The boys both made out like bandits this year and Dad & I have to agree that this was the best Christmas we've had yet!

Donovan got to play Santa

which pile is mine??

Trevor loved all the cars he got

Ian was so excited about his new camera!

Maybe they should look at the instructions??
Levi hard at work building his masterpiece