Sunday, March 30, 2008

Two lil' cuties!

I just had to do a post on here about Trevor and his very best friend Shirley! Shirley is my best friend, Jenifer's, little girl. She is almost 2 now and these two can cause some mischief when you get them together. They get so excited to see each other and it's so cute how they are when around each other. Trevor loves to go to "Shirwee's" house to play when Mom goes to the doctor and this is usually how I find them when I return. Jen and I joke about how we're going to have to watch these two closely when they're teenagers! haha

This is my very favorite photo that we have of these two together
Their faces say just how much they love each other!
Just a quick one of Shirley...doesn't she look like a big girl here??!!
Glued to the hip as usual...sit & spin time!
Just relaxing to some cartoons
She watches him constantly...hehehe
What's up with you Trebee???

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Day at the Zoo #2

Okay, well, I didn't post anything exactly the next day but better late than never! Right? I have actually been fighting off a nasty respiratory infection and have been quite under the weather lately. Here are a few more pictures from our fun day at the zoo. About halfway through our day there, the big boys had to take a break at the snack shack and the little ones really, really wanted to play on the zoo's cool playground for a bit. We always enjoy our time at the zoo and the kids love to see and learn about all of the animals.

The kids checking out the wishing well.
Trevor really liked these slides, but was a little too scared to actually go down them
Ian and Reese really liked this neat teeter-totter
hard to tell, but they are on a crocodile statue here
Trevor really liked this big frog statue

Trevor waited all day to ride the train with Daddy
Rick, Reese, and Ian on top of the Conservation Building to feed the fish
Ian really liked feeding the fish
Look!! He caught an elephant! haha

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break 2008!!

Okay, just to warn you now...this is going to be a big post! Well, last week was spring break for the kids! Unfortunately, most of it was spent indoors as the weather was rainy and cold and both of the boys had a nasty bug. However, by Friday the skies had cleared and so had their fevers! We actually got one nice day that week, so we took full advantage of it! We loaded up early Friday morning and headed to Springfield to the Dickerson Park Zoo for a day of fun. One of our really good friends, Rick, and his daughter Reese decided to tag along with us. We always have a blast together and the kids all get along really well. We spent about 5 hours walking around the zoo that day and it was such a nice day and the zoo wasn't busy at all. All the kids, the big ones included, had a blast. Trevor got a kick out of all the animal statues that are standing around the zoo and we had to take pictures on most of them. All Ian wanted to do the whole time we were there was go to the Reptile house...ick! He loves to see all the snakes and other reptiles. The highlight of the day at the zoo was that we got to feed the giraffes for the very first time! They aren't usually where we can get that close to them, so it was a real treat for sure. Donovan and Rick were giggling just as much as all the other little kids standing around them! haha After we exhausted ourselves at the zoo, we all loaded up for a little trip to Ozark and a very special dinner at Lambert's Cafe "the home of the throwed rolls"! Yes, they actually do throw rolls at you! The kids got such a kick out of having them thrown at them and they didn't drop a single one! If you ever get a chance to try it it! It is definitely worth the trip! Well, here are some pictures from our day at the zoo and I will probably post a few more tomorrow as I had so many to choose from. Enjoy!

The first picture of the day! Reese, Trevor, & Ian
Awwww, Mom, another picture??
Donovan and Rick contemplate the Sundial
Ssshhh, don't tell them you're not supposed to feed popcorn to the animals!
Trevor and his favorite statue!
Hello, Mr. Giraffe!
This is Trevor feeding the giraffe...he loved it!
Wow! Check out that tongue!!
Ian and Reese take some time to check out the snakes...Trevor just liked the mosaic one on the floor!
The kids, even the big one, take a minute to rest in the Reptile House
Fixing to leave....aren't they cute!

A long tiring day and a belly full of good food will always put you to sleep!
Even when you're a very "grown up" 6 year old! haha

Hope you enjoyed round 1 of zoo pictures! Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter 2008!!!

Well, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter this year! We had a really good one despite everyone being sick this year. Ian got to meet the Easter Bunny on an impromptu trip to Walgreen's with his Nanny and he was really excited about that. Unfortunately it was extremely cold and windy this year on Easter, so, we didn't get to spend much time outdoors. I did sneak out early in the morning and "hide" eggs for the boys to find. We bundled them up good and sent them out for some hunting time. It was so cute! Every time Trevor would find an egg, he would say "Ohhh, another Easter egg!". Of course, we had to do a little directing and pointing them out for him, but he had a blast finding them. Ian was such a good big brother too, he would wait for Trevor and would tell him were to find them....aww, they were sharing really well that day! Of course, as soon as they were all found, we headed in to see what they had got in their loot. They could hardly wait to get their coats off before digging in and actually just planted themselves in the middle of the kitchen floor to see what they had. There was candy and eggs all over the place, but they were having such a good time with it. We then headed to Nanny and Poppy's house for Easter dinner and a little Easter egg coloring. Of course, we had to hide those eggs as soon as they were dry and I think they found and re-hid them about 3 more times after that. All in all it was a great Easter and we had a good day! Now if we could just get everyone healthy again.....

Ian and a strange looking Easter bunny!
Ian was helping Trevor discover more eggs
Of course, he did find some of his own!

One picture together before heading inside
Just what they needed....candy!
Can you tell Trevor is excited about the candy bars!! haha
Ian is a master egg colorer
Trevor is pretty good at it too!
Hmmm, which color to do next??
Oh's yellow!!
Where'd the egg go??