Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My little trophy winner...

First I have to say I'm sorry for my lack of blogging lately...definitely something I will be doing more now that I'm finally feeling well again! :-) This past weekend, my best friend Jenifer and I decided to take a little trip back to our hometown of Jasper for the yearly Appreciation Days Festival. We both decided that we would enter the kids in the baby contest. By kids I mean her youngest, Ruby, and of course...Nicholas. This was the first time I've ever entered any of the boys in a baby show and I'm glad that Jen talked me into going too! Ruby won 2nd place in her division and Nicholas won 1st place in his division!! yay!!! He got a little trophy and everything (which he immediately decided looked tasty enough to eat :-) We even ran for the "grand prize" winner but didn't walk away with that prize. That's okay though...I know my baby boy is the cutest in the area.....okay, so i'm a little biased but he is pretty darn cute! Here are a few pictures from our morning. We had so much fun that I think we'll end up going back next year and giving it a try again!
Jen waiting for the festivities to start
Ruby was such a good girl that day...she basically just wanted to sleep....
Nicholas was fascinated with Ruby...good thing since they're betrothed!! lol
Jen & Ruby take their turn on the stage...that is my cousin Kayla on the right with her new baby girl who was only 17 days old!
Nicholas and I patiently waiting our turn
Nicky just wanted to look around at all the other babies
Grand prize voting.....there were some cuties up there that day!!
Nicholas and his trophy....
he really thought it was a tasty snack :-)