Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I've been bad.......

I admit it....I'm a bad blogger these days. In my defense, I must say that I have been extremely busy here lately between school runs, family time, and of course...cake making! I am going to my very first cake decorating class tonight and I am so excited! Unfortunately, I have to take a beginners class before I can move on to the advanced stuff, but you do what you gotta do! I pretty much know the basics, and some of the advanced stuff too, but still haven't tackled flower making..hence the class. Up until now I have taught myself, with the occasional questions answered by my wonderful Mother-in-law. I have been commissioned for a few wedding cakes and if I'm going to do them right...I need some instruction! So, wish me luck! It should be fun...I love learning new things! Here are some pictures of my latest creations that have kept me so busy...3 a week for the last 3 weeks! yay!!! I still need to make myself some business cards but need a name for myself I guess.....send me some suggestions! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Alvin & the Chipmunks....this is the exact picture the little girl picked out...she loved it!
This one looked way better before it gotted pulled into the floor...yes...the floor. Just as I went to grab my camera, my little stinker of a son pulled himself up high enough to grab it and yanked it into the floor. Amazingly it didn't land upside down but it did crinkle it. I had to scrape off one whole side of it and redo it....also had to fix Dora and tried to smooth out the wrinkles and cracks the best I could. (all in about 30 minutes before it was due to be picked up) They still loved it thankfully, but I wish I had gotten a picture BEFORE it got messed up...it looked so good beforehand! :-(
The baby bear I made for a Dallas Cowboys themed baby shower
I later added the baby's last name to the bear's jersey :-)
The finished product.....she LOVED it!
Jimmie Johnson's #48 race car..........I don't even follow racing but gave it a shot anyway
The little girl who got this Spongebob cake loved it so much she wanted to sleep with it! lol
Here kitty kitty...................this was made out of 3 cakes...it was a heavy sucker!
Trevor loved this one and kept Meowing at it!
The little girl who got the cat cake also wanted a flower cake...this one is actually glittery all over but it's hard to tell in the picture....she thought this was too cool :-)
Last but not least is Nicholas's 1st birthday cake....a baby panda bear! He loved taking swipes of icing off the back of it!