Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Baby turned 1!!

My baby is 1!! I can't believe it...the last year has flown by and it just doesn't seem possible for my sweet baby boy to already be a year old. He is trying to walk now and is constantly getting into everything! I'm STILL waiting for that time to come when he decides that sleep is a good thing and goes all night long without wanting to get up a few times. He loves to watch his brothers and when they aren't being too rough (which is few and far between :-) he really likes to get some play time in with them. He is his Momma's boy and won't let me out of his sight most of the time and thankfully he is still my little cuddlebug. They grow up so fast and I know it won't be long before he wants nothing to do with being loved on, so for now I will take what I can get! We celebrated Nicholas's bday at his Auntie Alice's house on Saturday and threw my bday in the mix too. I made him a baby panda bear cake and he took numerous swipes at the back of it while we were doing candles. I was very happy to see that Ian, with the help of his Nanny, had made me a bday cake! It was sooooo sweet of him and I was glad I didn't have to make my own cake! lol (oh and by the way...I will NOT be having any more bdays...29 forever!! hahahaha) We had a great time and Nicholas has been having a blast playing with his new stuff. It's hard to see my baby grow up so fast...especially when I know he is for sure the last one I will have. He is such a blessing to us and we all love him more than words. Happy Birthday, Nicky...we love you!!!
Look at all those candles!! EEeeeeekkkk!!!
Mmmmm, icing is gooooddd!!! :-P
showing us all his walking skills
chasing us all down in his walker...he can really go quick in this thing now!
Trevor loving on the doggies
Ian wanted to play tag with GrandDad...not sure who was "it"
Oooohhh, almost got him! Way to slip the tag there Dad! lol
Oh boy...a noisemaker to drive Mommy nuts with! He loves it Auntie Alice!
Nicholas had LOTS of help opening presents
Oh boy...a train!! and it makes a LOT of noise!
still a little short in the gitup...won't be long before he's pushing it all over the place though!
what a face...he is such a happy boy

I'm coming for you Momma!!
peeking on the boys...they were hiding under this blanket and trying to watch a movie on the portable DVD...silly boys :-)
My little beater licker....he comes running when he hears the mixer!